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Every body loves a quilt...

So one for my mum on Mothers Day is perfect! ^__^
Especially since I have been procrastinating for over a year. *bad llama*

I cut out the chosen material and folded them into cute piles so I wouldn't get confused, they are in-side-out/ up-side-down so it doesn't look as vibrant here...

I have the pattern I decided on close at hand so I know which order to pin every thing...

Here I am hard at work poking holes with pins...
*my back* I had a nice lie down on the futon I am sitting on after. ^_^

And here are all the nice new piles of all the pieces pinned together waiting to be sewn.

I had to stop there because Toby woke up and he has just gone back down so I can get back at it until dinner is ready.
Mmm foood.

Speaking of food, I made cupcakes yesterday but I was stoopid and forgot to take photos before they were eaten but here is one of the oranges that I used for rind/juice (they were Orange - Poppy Seed with orange and cream cheese icing, topped with sugar hearts*droool*)
And making food is a form of craft/art after all!

It's a pity it was dark out side and I needed the flash because it looks so cool!
Well, it did, Allan ate the left overs. Mehehe.
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