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Hello there, I am a first timer. Be gentle. *whimper*

I thought to my-self, I am a member here but I have never posted. How rude!
So here I go with my initiation test

1. How long have you been interested in faerie? Since I was about 4.

2. Were you faerie-fied as a child? Um...I guess so.

3. Who's your favorite faery artist? It was Brian Froud but I am taking a break from his work and watching Michele-Lee Phelan create new, fun and pretty paintings. Plus she has a 'voice' that she uses regually so it is easier to ask her questions.

4. favourite faerie film? Okay I am sticking to faeries and not going the way of the goblin so i would have to say 'The Magical Legend of The Leprachauns'. A movie adaption of 'Romeo & Juliette' with leprechauns and faeries. It's very cute and has some hotties in it. ^__^

5. Which element (Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Spirit) are you? I am Air.

5. What do you make? Jewelery, clothing, I now have enough room to add dolls and (if I can find a sale on certain objects) hats. Photography is up near the top of the list as something I love to do and painting and drawing follow close behind.

6. Are there any other favourite faerie things you think we should all know about? I think one of the cats, Phillip, eats them if they tease her.

These are light reflective beads I bought from Arts & Craft for 49c a packet.
I bought them so I could make 'raver' jewelery for any Faery Festivals I may happen upon.
(They will be blended with other non-reflective beads.)
1 = Bumble Bees
2 = Stars
3 = Round

Here is the stack!

I now have a craft type room (thanks guys!) so I started sorting all the beads I have collected and been given.
I can make bracelets, necklaces etc from randomly shaped beads that all match in colour. Woot!

I also started to sort my wooden and crystal beads.

And here are all the super tiny ones I have to go through. Oh, my eyes!
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Arrrhh! You are down to the tiny tiny beads, I hate sorting through those!!

Welcome to the community, oh mysterious stranger. ;)
Why thank you kind Mistress. *curtsies*
And they be bitches, do they not! hehe
Such bitches I have nearly thrown them out a few times.