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thedarkupstairs's Journal

By faerie hand this craft is made...
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This is a journal set up by robes_of_earth primarily to show off my Wizard World/faerie caftings. I'm opening a business soon, upstairs from my friend's existing Indian clothing emporium. Pictures will come as each step on the faerie path is taken. My plan is to have the shop for a year, then go to New Zealand and onto the U.K, where I hope to live a life in the Southern part of England as a famous faerie artist!

I made this a community so other people who also make faery craft can join up. But please take note: this is not ordinary glitz and butterflies. This is real faerie - faeries that sometimes bite, or tip over your milk. We're not into muggle fairy here. We're wizard World!

You can also post links, tips, tutorials, diy projects that could be twisted to be faerie...anything as long as it's faerie and crafty.

Because I don't want this community to degenerate into any old fluff being posted, you must be approved for membership. Click 'join the community', then when you've finished there send me an email at basementgirl74@yahoo.com with a jpeg or link of your work. Pease don't think I'm elitist; I've just seen too many communities lose their purity. Of course you can still join even if you don't make things- we welcome no-crafty faeries here too!

The only two rules are no promotions of anything that doesn't relate to the interests below, and if you must post links to eBay auctions, put the pics under a cut.

When you make your intro post, please do the following survey:

1. How long have you been interested in faerie?

2. Were you faerie-fied as a child?

3. Who's your favourite faery artist?

4. favourite faerie film?

5. Which element (Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Spirit) are you?

5. What do you make?

6. Are there any other favouite faerie things you think we should all know about?

That's it! Now go make something! ;P