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First post!

How exciting!

Staight into it: here are some things I made this past week.


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Wood, wood putty, paint.

Please forgive the rather un-swish pictures, the net is being so well behaved I want to get this up before it bombs!

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Wire, tissue paper, PVA and masking tape. I've been meaning to get around to making this crown for..oh...about...ten years! Not finished yet: just the base. It needs another layer of tissue and then I'll start exploring trim- faux fur, feathers, tiny fabric blossoms etc. And glitter of course! It's the ice queen, glitz is paramount.

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Sculpey and ribbon. I'm going to paint these brown I think, they're a bit prissy. I was in a 'Legend' mood.

I'm going to start doing some prop replication I think- just to get a feel for design work. I'll make a list of all the stuff I'll do and post it. Fantasy posters are so inpiring- I bought a magazine devoted to sci-fi digital artists- brilliant stuff! and it came with a free trial of Corel IX!
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Those wands are awesome. Do you sell them?
Bloody hell you were quick! I only made this comm. about ten minutes ago, and I haven't even pimped it yet! Points for you!

Yes I do sell them. They're $20 Australian ($2 postage). They are the basic model, I can customise them according to your fancy.
The pics showed up here. That's how I saw them so quickly. Careful if you're at work - the site has NSFW ads (although in your part of the world it's probably nighttime...). I'm actually in the states. I'd been thinking of buying a wand from Allivan's but these have a very charming (pardon the pun) rusticity about them. I think you'll move truckloads.
Wow! I've never seen that! Very cool. Thank you so much for the praise- I'm willing to ship overseas, I'll have to research postage and put it on the userinfo. Wouldn't be more than AU$5 I'd say.

Deleted comment

Awwww, bless you m'darlin! It's a bit of a fluke I managed to get them up- the internet was scarily fast last night.
Every-thing looks excellent, is the small wand Umbridge's or lucky fluke?
It was kind of a lucky fluke. It's a good size for kiddies though, but I did think 'Umbridge!' when I put it together.