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well, i'm new, and many thanks for the approval!

and now, my answers (you're all excited, aren't you? it's not just me, right?)

1. How long have you been interested in faerie?
i'm really not sure... years, and perhaps years before then, but i didn't really know it.

2. Were you faerie-fied as a child?
no! faeries are for girls!! actually, i was as a little girl, and then i got all tomboyish and omg faeries were GROSS!
that was until i encountered proper faerie things - dirty, brown, naughty faeries who lived in the woods, not the prissy ones in the flowers. i was very much an outdoorsy child, and really clicked with that representation of fact, i'd often had people describe me as "fae" as a child. i took it as an insult until i found the right faeries.

3. Who's your favourite faery artist?
yeah, i'm going to be predictable and say froud. but really, he hugely inspired me when i was younger, and i still love his stuff.

4. favourite faerie film?
i'm not really sure it's a "faerie film" per's a goblin film. or a "what the hell has he got down the front of his pants?" film. but labyrinth.

5. Which element (Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Spirit) are you?
i think i'm primarily earth, though i think i could be a bit of all of them. less so air, though. but certainly water, fire, earth and spirit.

5. What do you make?
i used to craft A LOT, but then painting really took over, and now i seem to paint a lot more than i craft. i'm changing that. i made myself a fae skirt some time back, and people had such a positive reaction to it that i'm making myself a crafty fae website to sell things from. ( )
i intend to get back to my crafty roots, 'cause plain old art sometimes just doesn't satify that need for turning up some treasure, you know?

6. Are there any other favouite faerie things you think we should all know about?
you really must, must, must check out these swings
and the most beautiful bed in the world!

anyway, that's all from me. hopefully i'll have items worth posting in the near future. 8-)
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